Objectives and problems to be solved:

The concerted action DIEM opens up the ExternE user network and methodology to a wider audience. It has the following specific objectives:

  • Organise expert workshops to discuss and review the major sources of uncertainty - dose-response functions and monetary values - with the major experts in these fields to come to conclusions on which functions and values to use according to current best knowledge.
  • Disseminate the recent ExternE methodology and results from workshops in the light of new developments. Harmonise the methods used as far as possible and disseminate these to the users of the methodology.
  • Build up a permanent ExternE Internet page (this website http://www.externe.info/ will further be extended for this purpose) that contains all information about methodology and existing results.
  • Make the methodology and the results more widely known to stakeholders and policy makers and provide a forum for discussions.

Description of work

Two workshops have been organised, one for dose-response relationships for impacts on human health, one for monetary valuation of externalities from energy and transport. The major experts in the respective field have been invited to discuss and review the currently used relationships and values and to come to conclusions on which relationships and values to take according to current best knowledge and which to take for sensitivity analyses.

In another workshop, the information about new developments in the methodology has been exchanged, the usefulness of these developments has been discussed and - as far as possible - the methods used for estimating external costs harmonised. Participants of this user workshop have been teams which are actively involved in carrying out external cost calculations.

The permanent web site for ExternE has been established. This web site http://www.externe.info/ forms the backbone of the dissemination activities, providing information on methodology and results.

A workshop for stakeholders and policy makers has been organised to make the methodology and the results more widely known and to provide a forum for discussing expectations and reservations. These groups sometimes are still not enough aware of the methodology and how to use it for their purposes. Furthermore some may have encountered difficulties, either practical or with the acceptance of the methodology. There has therefore been a need and benefit to focus on making the ExternE methodology more accessible to potential users and making its strengths more apparent.

Expected Results and Exploitation Plans

The ExternE methodology for estimating external costs of energy conversion and transport is harmonised and disseminated to teams carrying out external cost calculations and to public. Stakeholders' and policy makers' awareness and acceptance of the methodology are increased. To do so, expectations from and reservations towards the methodology are discussed as well as the possibilities of the methodology including advantages and problems. This helps to encourage specific policy applications at EU level, in countries, regions and other levels within and outside the EU.