This project was the continuation of the ExternE project series for the analysis of the external costs of energy. Its objectives were:

  • Improving, validating and extending the methodology of ExternE;
  • Providing an assessment of new technologies for energy systems;
  • Implementing the methodology in the accession countries of Eastern Europe;
  • Creating a permanent internet site for ExternE.

Several significant improvements of the ExternE methodology were achieved. They concern:

  • Dose-response functions for health impacts and for crops;
  • Monetary valuation of chronic bronchitis, visibility, damage to cultural monuments, and energy supply security;
  • Choice of background emissions for the atmospheric modeling;
  • Inclusion or exclusion of impacts upstream or downstream of the power plant, depending on whether and how they have already been internalized.

A framework has been developed for using multicriteria analysis to quantify impacts whose monetization has remained problematic. It involves stakeholders or environmental experts, asking them for their ranking of different impacts. A preliminary test has been carried out to estimate monetary values for acidification and eutrophication. The results are promising but not yet sufficiently reliable for use.

The LCA inventory for the emission of pollutants has been updated to correspond to the energy technologies in use in 2000, and external costs have been calculated for a wide variety of advanced energy technologies, including advanced photovoltaics.

The ExternE methodology has been implemented in the new EU countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and external costs have been calculated for power production in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland and for transport in the Czech Republic.

Final Reports of the Project (PDF files)